First Sunday in Advent


Sunday, December 3rd

Luke 2:1 – ..there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.


Thought: Even back in the days of Caesar Augustus, people recognized the importance of communication – the giving and receiving of information. Our world today seems to be obsessed with communication of information. We can share information in many different ways – Radio, TV,newspaper, text, email, Facebook, Twitter… and the list goes on… Still, the fact remains that we need to communicate with each other – to give and to receive  information.


Challenge: Maybe you take the first week in December to “write” your Christmas Cards.  I would like to challenge you to do this prayerfully this year. Add a personal note to each card, and more importantly, say a prayer for the recipients as you prepare each card. Ask God to be very real in their lives.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, so often I neglect to pray for my friends as often as I ought. Today I ask that You would be with them, bless them, and show them Your Presence in their personal world. AMEN

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