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Monday, December 4th


Genesis 3:14 – 15 – (to the serpent) “Cursed are you above all the livestock…I will put enmity between you and the woman…He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.”


Thought: God had created a beautiful world, but before long, it was marred forever by sin.  All seemed lost.  How must Eve have felt? All this beauty was changed for ever. Sin had caused mankind to lose hope. The future now seemed bleak.  But in the midst of the darkness, God planted a seed – He gave Eve a promise – that although sin mars our reality, there is HOPE for the future – Although evil wins this round, the ultimate victory is yet to come. Evil strikes the heel, but God will destroy all evil (See John 3: 16-17)


Challenge: As you become aware of the presence of sin in our world, may your attitude, words and actions serve to bring hope to those you encounter.



Prayer: Heavenly Father, as I go about my activities today, make me aware of someone who is feeling lost in the darkness. Use me to bring Your light to them through a smile, a word, or an action. Use me, use me Lord! AMEN


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