How long have you been hoping for…?


Tuesday, December 5th


Genesis 15:5then {God} took {Abraham} outside and said “Look up at the heavens and count the stars – if indeed you can count them…. so shall your offspring be.”


Thought: It had been MANY years since God had called Abram out of his homeland to “go where I will send you”, and promised him that “all peoples on earth will be blessed by you”.  Abram was now about 100 years old, and still he and Sarai had no child. Would God EVER fulfil the promise?  Then comes the reminder that “with God, Nothing is impossible”.  God answers our prayers with “yes”, “no”, and “wait”.  For Abram and Sarai, the answer fell certainly into the “wait” column.


Challenge: What promise has God given to you that you are still waiting for? Be assured that if God makes you wait the blessing  will indeed be “worth the wait”.  May we be like the father who brought his son to Jesus: Lord I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.(Mark 9:24)


Prayer: Lord, I have slipped.  I have not fully believed that You will do what You have promised to do.  Lord, help me to believe with all my heart.  AMEN

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