The Old has become New again


OLD does not mean not useful nor not wanted


On August 1, 2015, by order of Bishop David, The Parish of Fundy and the Lakes was created – amalgamating the parishes of Lakewood, Simonds and St. Martins-Black River. Consequently, the Church buildings in Upper Loch Lomond (All Saints) and St. Martins (Holy Trinity) were deconsecrated. St Thomas, Black River remained and Saint James (Lakewood) became the Parish Church, and was renamed the Church of Christ the King.

Since that time, many changes and adaptations have evolved, and consecrated items from both All Saints and Holy Trinity have found new life in the Parish Church.

On April 1, 2018, parishioners arrived to find the sanctuary adorned for a joyous and festive Easter celebration – and a truly significant baptism.

Six month old Patrick Leo Howe was baptized – the first baptism using the font which had been relocated from Holy Trinity to the Church of Christ the King. As Reverend Canon Leo led the worship, he reflected that this was the first child he had baptized that bore his name. Four year old Elizabeth helped Canon Leo pour the water into the font (She was the first child to be baptized at Christ the King)

Also in attendance at the service were four congregants who had been baptized in that same font at the church in St Martins, truly joining Parishes and generations.

Shown in the pictures are: (1) The font that was relocated;  (2) Elizabeth helping Canon Leo pouring the water and (3) Mom, Laura holding Patrick,   Leah Gallagher, Earle Black (also the warden), Lynn Bell, and Valerie Densmore, the four who had started their faith journey at Holy Trinity.

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