Easter Newsletter


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The Parish of Fundy and the Lakes  

Lent/Easter 2017


Dear Parishioner:

Recently, I went to Toronto for National Church meetings. The flight took place a day early because of a storm which was coming to the Maritimes.  As I sat on the flight and gazed outside the small window, all I could see were white clouds as the people below prepare themselves for a winter storm.  Regardless of what was going below, the pilot was navigating this huge vehicle through the thick clouds with the passengers and crew putting their complete trust him.  We all felt sure the Captain would get us safely to our final destination.  I shifted my look to the people inside the cabin, and noticed my fellow passengers were reading, listening to music, chatting or even sleeping – all of them it seemed, completely oblivious to the soft turbulence or to what was happening as this airplane soared through the sky.

As I reflect on that scene which was unfolding in front of my eyes, I was reminded of life and how life is often like that. There are times in our lives when we may be the ones who are sleeping, chatting, reading, listening to music, or simply gazing outside, enjoying the ride, completely oblivious to what is going on around us, forgetting that someone is also in control.  These are times when we are generally content in our own little cocoon and do not want our world shaken by turbulence.

The season of Lent is a time when we are called to step out of that comfort zone, asking us to come out of that cocoon. It calls us to take some time to reflect and focus on the One who is in control.  It calls us to prepare ourselves – in a spiritual way – for the greatest feast of the Christian Church.

In a few weeks, we will be gathering to celebrate Easter, the day when we remember the Resurrection of our Lord. What this means is that we come together to recognize the love which our Creator has for us.  A love so strong that He allowed His one and only Son to face the agony of Good Friday for each and everyone of us.

On these closing days of the lenten season, I invite you to walk the final miles of our Lord’s Passion with us by taking the time daily to reflect on the message of love which Jesus promotes in everything he does. A message which asks us to work together in building a better world where justice, peace and love always reign supreme.

Please join us at any or all of our worship services leading to Easter and afterwards. Times and location can be found on our new website: www.anglicanparishoffundyandthelakes.com .

In Christian Service,

The Reverend Canon Leo Martin



Easter Morning Worship Services 

          8:00 am – Holy Communion – Church of Christ the King (Lakewood)

        9:00 am – Parish Breakfast – Church of Christ the King (Lakewood)

          10:30 am – Holy Communion – St Thomas Church (Black River)

          10:30 am – Holy Communion – Church of Christ the King (Lakewood)


The Lord is Risen!

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