It is Friday, but Sunday is coming.


This may be the view that visitors to Saint John would see today, but not so for those of us who are in Christ. In Him, we have light (I am the Light of the world) and peace (My peace I give to you) and promise (Where I am, there you will be also). Whenever our days are shrouded with fog, we know that above the mist and clouds, our Saviour reigns, and has a brighter plan for us.  We may be in this fog on Friday, but the forecast for Sunday is bright sunny skies (Physically and spiritually)

Plan to join us on Sunday at 10:30 am.  There will be a combined Parish Service at the Church of Christ the King on Loch Lomond Road, and we will share in coffee, tea, sweets and fellowship following the service.

Hoping to see you on Sunday.


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